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"Jai Jinendra

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Jainism knowledge-Jain Dharm Ka Gyan Saral Shabdo Me
www.jainismknowledge.com. My small effort through my blog is that I can tell people about Jainism properly. Make people know with such a great religion.
often people in India still ask many questions on Jainism, such as  why do jain monks cover their mouths ?
or, why Jain monks walk on bare foot? why Jain monk not eat food in the night ? etc.

my website is about jain philosophy, jain stories, jain stotra, jain samaiyk Sutra, jain tatvagyan (in hindi) etc. you will get good and reliable knowledge about jainism. my name is Abhishek Jain and I am owner of this website www.jainismknowledge.com. I am a jain Pupil and my blog language is hindi . please visit , subscribe, and share my blog post in social media. 
if I tell anything wrong "Micchami Dukkadam".

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